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Bonnie Bright, Ph.D. — Transpersonal Soul-Centered Coach, Director of the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching; Co-Founder, Manta Soul Retreat Center
Bonnie Bright, Ph.D
Institute Founder/ Director

Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., spent 15 years in the corporate world working in media and technology before earning Master’s degrees in Psychology from Sonoma State University and in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also earned her Ph.D.

She is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching™, and is Founder and Director Emerita of Depth Psychology Alliance™, an online community for everyone interested in Jungian, depth, transpersonal, archetypal and all soul-centered psychologies.

She created and published Depth Insights Journal, for which she served as Executive Editor for six years, and she has produced over 100 audio and video interviews with authors and scholars on depth psychological topics. 

Bonnie completed 2-year certifications in Archetypal Pattern Analysis via the Assisi Institute and in Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies with West African elder Malidoma Somé. She has also trained extensively in Holotropic Breathwork™ with Stanislav Grof, and in the Enneagram via the Enneagram Institute. She has also studied Dreamwork with Jeremy Taylor, Michael Conforti, and others, and has worked with Jerome Bernstein in the field of Jungian Ecopsychology/Borderlanders theory. 

Her Master’s thesis focused on a symbolic perspective on Colony Collapse Disorder, and her doctoral dissertation expanded on that research into a concept she has termed Culture Collapse Disorder.

Bonnie currently spends her time on her soul-centered coaching practice; heading up the Institute for Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology™; and co-operating a retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Session Length/Price: Not currently accepting new clients

Bronwyn Katdaré - Soul-Centered Coach, incorporating Jungian/Depth/Archetypal/Transpersonal psychologies with Shamanic healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, and Kundalini Awakening Yoga.
Bronwyn Katdaré
Certified Soul-Centered Coach
Bronwyn Katdaré is a coach for whole-person health, healing, and wellness. She is a Soul-Centered Coach, incorporating Jungian/Depth/Archetypal/Transpersonal psychologies with Shamanic healing, Reiki, Akashic Records, and Kundalini Awakening Yoga. Bronwyn is guest faculty with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and a graduate of the FSS Three Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing. She is also certified in mitigation of Electromagnetic Frequency Fields (EMF pollution), Plant-Based Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, and Holobody Health Coaching. She is also interested in quantum physics, astrophysics, and the connection between nature, animals, and humans. Bronwyn works with mostly women who desire to untangle and free themselves from coping mechanisms, belief patterns, and physical illness triggered by adverse experiences and discharge wounded energy from the physical body and subtle energetic body. Clients learn to tune into their own intuition and tap into their healing consciousness to optimize their health, wellness, and wholeness in body and soul. Time zone: US Eastern Time Session Length/Price Consultation: 60-75 mins, FREE 3-month Program with 50-min sessions, $2000
James Alexander, Certified Soul-Centered Coach
James Alexander
Certified Soul-Centered Coach

Hi!  I am a former professor and minister.  I have graduate degrees in theology and psychology and a PhD in education and educational psychology. I have completed my certification in Soul Centered Coaching Psychology. I am married, have 2 sons and 3 grandkids. I have a Maine Coon cat named Baxter who really runs things around here. 

Please explore my website for my practice. I work on a donation basis ($0-???).  Honor system with no questions asked.  Pay is electronic. I don’t know who pays and who doesn’t.  All donations go to a feeding program. I am a Secular Episcopalian Franciscan, but I don’t push any religious perspective. I have my share of doubts about things, but, like all of us, I am working through them. I am flexible about times but prefer mornings and afternoons. 

My special emphasis is working with those experiencing spiritual confusion, recovering from fundamentalism, and those who have experienced (or are experiencing) religious abuse. I’ve been there. I do a lot of listening, visualizing, and any talking clients want. My emphasis is interfaith—i.e., not confined to Christians. 

My influences are Jungian psychology, Psychosynthesis, and mysticism. I will help you help yourself because I genuinely care about my clients. I am accredited by IACTM and CMA. I work on Zoom, FaceTime, or over the phone.

Ideal Client: My ideal client needs spiritual guidance. S/he is open, honest, and willing to consider change.  Also, they may be persons experiencing financial need.

Time ZoneEastern (US)
Session Length/Price
Generally a session is 45 minutes to an hour.

Lauren Milo May - Soul-Centered Coach Candidate
Lauren Milo May
Soul-Centered Coach Candidate

Lauren is a Soul-Centered Psychology Practitioner who supports Souls along their journey of embodied soul awakening. She is here to walk alongside you, listen deeply, and hold space for you as you deepen into the relationship with your heart, body, soul, and intuition. She works with Somatic methods such as Focusing and Somatic Experiencing as well as Depth Psychology methods such as Active Imagination, Symbol, Myth and Shadow. 

Through new experiences in this safe space, you begin to gently complete and reorganize old patterns of protection and survival, uncover and come into a new relationship with underlying archetypal themes and parts of yourself in a compassionate, gentle and titrated way, remembering the magic of the exiled parts of yourself as they return home to you. 

She is also here to help you tap into your body’s intuition and embody your boundaries should you have lost access to these parts of yourself over the course of your life.

Lauren is based in Santa Cruz, CA and offers sessions over zoom.

Time Zone: US Pacific Time
Session Length/Price
1 hour @ $125/session or 3 Sessions for the price of 1: $125 for new clients.

Lisa Avnet, Certified Soul-Centered Coach
Lisa Avnet
Certified Soul-Centered Coach

From an early age, I’ve been drawn to the healing power of nature, dreams, and the energies that surround us. This affinity led me on a personal journey of transformation that culminated in a soul-aligned career as an energy healer and coach. For over three decades, I’ve had the privilege of guiding women on their own profound journeys of self-discovery and healing. 

My approach is rooted in compassion, insight, and an unshakable belief in your inner wisdom.  My Soul Centered coaching work integrates depth coaching techniques with my expertise in energetic techniques, shamanic practices, nature based soulwork, embodied experiential dreamwork,  hypnotherapy, and depth psychology.  I’ll assist you in moving through layers of conditioning to reconnect with your essence. Together, we’ll nurture your spirit, realign your energy, transform limiting beliefs, and actualize your highest potential. 

Beyond my private coaching practice, I’ve been blessed to share my offerings with an extended community. Since 2019, I’ve been a member of the healing team at Canyon Ranch Lenox, celebrated as the #2 Destination Spa in the U.S.  My classes have assisted many seeking help in navigating the chaos of modern life. 

This is sacred work that I undertake with humility and care. If you feel called to reclaim your inner light and step into your full power, I’m here to accompany you on a multi-dimensional voyage of healing and self-discovery.  With patience and presence, we’ll unravel old patterns, ignite your inner healer, and help you trust the inner wisdom that’s been within you all along.

I also offer individual sessions as well as 3, 6 and 12 month packages to support integration.

Ideal Client: Anyone who seeks deeper connection with their authentic self  and with others.

Time Zone: US Eastern Time

Session Length/Price
60 minutes, $135
75 minutes,  $150.
*Free introductory call

Tami Denice - Certified Soul-Centered Coach via the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching
Tami Denice
Certified Soul-Centered Coach

Tami Denice is a Soul-Centered coach,facilitator, and educator with more than 30 years of corporate leadership experience. She helps people who are interested in making meaningful change in the world by guiding them through transformative processes, which ultimately enables them to have greater access to creativity and their soul’s calling.

In her practice, she leverages experiential methods to engage the unconscious psyche. Dreamwork is a favourite, but she commonly works with active imagination, guided meditation, journeying, breathwork, and somatic awareness as well. She has a unique ability to intuitively connect with the energy of others, which can guide the session.

Tami is trauma-informed and trained in the art of creating a safe container for deep inner work. She is a certified Soul Centered coach trained under Bonnie Bright, she has an MBA and is enrolled at Alef Trust studying MSc Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology. She is a certified Holotropic Breathwork® facilitator, and a Mesa Carrier in the Andean Q’ero shamanic tradition trained through Austin Shamanic Center.

Find out more about her here.

Session Length/Price
Consultation: 30 mins, FREE
Session Length: 75 mins
Cost: $150 CAD

Time Zone: Mountain Time

Barbara Yuruvich-Arias, Soul-Centered Coach Candidate
Bárbara Yuruvich-Arias
Soul-Centered Coach Candidate
Program Liaison

Bárbara Yuruvich-Arias is an Evolutionary and Archetypal Astrologer. She graduated from Jeff Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology in 2017. 

She’s trained as a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator with GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training). Holotropic Breathwork is only offered in-person during workshops around the country and locally in Colorado.

She undertook Jungian Studies through the Depth Psychology Alliance, has a Certificate in Soul-Centered Transpersonal Coaching, and is currently enrolled in the Advanced Studies under the same program led by Dr. Bonnie Bright. She lives in the Denver Area and offers soul-centered coaching sessions via Zoom.

“Empowering clients through these self-exploration tools so they can best face life challenges and transform with the opportunity they present has been my life journey.”