Transpersonal Soul-Centered coaching sessions can be a good option to work through blockages, find inspiration, or integrate what comes up for you into other kinds of spiritual, depth- psychological, or transpersonal work.

When you nurture powerful experiences related to your own soul’s path—including psychotherapy, meditation, dream work, somatic practices like yoga , holotropic breathwork, shamanic journeying, or psychedelic sessions, to name a few—you maximize your opportunity to integrate what you have learned and put it into practice in your life. 

Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching - Based on Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal and Archetypal Psychology - Somatic, Symbolic, Shamanic


Three fundamental aspects of soul-centered psychologies empower us to learn more about truth of who we really are—spiritual beings having a human experience. Through these three key perspectives, we learn to listen and translate messages from the soul.

Somatic psychology and coaching




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The process of transpersonal Soul-Centered coaching varies from practitioner to practitioner. In sessions, soul-centered coaches gravitate toward engaging non-ordinary states of consciousness, which is the idea of entering into a relaxed state where both client and coach are more open to new insights, and access more healing, creativity, and joy.

Transpersonal Soul-Centered Coaches look for the way in which archetypes—a concept developed by Swiss Psychiatrist, C. G. Jung, describe pervasive and recognizable patterns—which are already at work in our lives all the time. 

While traditional talk therapy can sometimes serve to reinforce the stories each of us tell ourselves, soul-centered coaching makes use of experiential exercises that allow us to expand beyond our everyday limiting beliefs and open into new holistic perspectives.

Typically in a given session, soul-centered coaches will spend time facilitating a discussion centered on current challenges or ongoing patterns that you are looking to change, and then guide you to drop into an experiential exercise based on a Somatic, Symbolic, or Shamanic approach.

Finally, you and your coach will discuss what arises from that experience and apply it to your immediate situation using Jungian, archetypal, and transpersonal perspectives.

Coaches aim to help each individual who is longing for transformation and a deeper sense of interconnectedness to find answers that we already hold within us in order to break free of limiting patterns and institute new creative generative processes instead.

Transpersonal Soul-Centered Coaching is not psychotherapy, and unlike some other types of coaching, it focuses less on achieving goals and more on uncovering resources, shifting limiting beliefs, and moving beyond deep-rooted patterns in a gentle and safe way. It allows each individual to connect to our “Soul-Self” on a deep level as we move more fully onto our path of spiritual awakening.

Sessions are typically conducted via Zoom with video. Length and pricing vary depending on the coach.

“Although psychological inquiry can be a joy, it is unusually demanding. It asks one to be fully involved with the opus on every level. . . . the work extends well beyond the ego to reverberate in the depths of the soul.
At these deeper levels, the work truly becomes psychological, unearthing wounds and complexes that otherwise may have remained unconscious.”


—Elizabeth Nelson and Joseph Coppin,  The Art of Inquiry