Follow the Call
of your Soul

"What you seek
is seeking you."

— Rumi

“Soul-Centered,” a term adopted by Institute Founder, Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., is the fundamental focus for the Institute for Soul-Centered-Psychology and Coaching™. It describes the quest to create a deeper connection to what makes meaning in life.

Soul-Centered Psychology is based on Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal, and Archetypal Psychologies, and on many ancient Wisdom Traditions. Soul-Centered Coaching is a psychology-oriented process of guiding and mentoring those who are seeking personal transformation by engaging Somatic, Symbolic, and Shamanic approaches.


A somatic approach helps us feel fully embodied in life​, in touch with our instinctual nature, feelings and innate intuition.


A symbolic perspective is based in part on the work of Carl Jung, who suggested that our soul speaks in images and archetypes that can help guide us in our lives.



A shamanic approach, the oldest organized spiritual system in human history, provides powerful tools and insights, often via expanded states of awareness.


1 or 2-Year Certificate TRAINING Programs

What is calling you forward? Is your soul longing to transform your life, or tap into your gift as a healer? Are you seeking to learn how to to empower others to do the same as a certified Soul-Centered coach?

Certificate Programs in Soul-centered Coaching or Psychology

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French Philosopher

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