Bonnie Bright, PhD - Soul-Centered Psychology, Coaching, and Spiritual Mentoring, based on Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal, Archetypal Psychologies; Certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst

Bonnie Bright, Ph.D. holds M.A. degrees in Psychology from Sonoma State University, and in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also completed her doctorate degree.

She is a certified Archetypal Pattern Analyst™ and a certified Transpersonal Soul-Centered Coach. She uses archetypal and shamanic perspectives to help clients navigate spiritual awakening; to integrate breathwork, meditative, psychedelic, or other non-ordinary experiences; and to move through creative blockages and open their lives to joy and transcendence.

Bonnie is accredited through IACTM—the International Association of Coaches, Therapists, & Mentors. She has trained extensively in dream work; in Holotropic Breathwork, a process developed by transpersonal pioneers, Stan and Christina Grof; and in the Enneagram, a psycho-spiritual personality map for transformation. Bonnie also completed a 2-year training in Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies with initiated African elder, Malidoma Somé, and has worked with indigenous shamans and healers in Africa, and in North and South America.

Bonnie created and served as the Executive Editor of Depth Insights™ scholarly journal for six years, and is the Founder and Director Emerita of Depth Psychology Alliance™, an online organization with over 5,500 members. She has conducted over 100 audio and video interview/podcasts on depth psychology, and is the editor of Earth, Climate, Dreams: Dialogues with Depth Psychologists in the Age of the Anthropocene (2019), and Depth Psychology and the Digital Age (2016).

Bonnie’s path to soul began with a spontaneous mystical experience in 2006, and she continues her quest for awakening each day with a sense of joy, freedom, and gratitude at the magic afoot in the world. She continues to live into her gift and calling by helping others find their path to soul, and to learn to do the same for others.