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What is the goal of the program?

This intensive program is designed to educate participants in the understanding of psychology, and especially soul-centered psychologies such as Jungian, depth, transpersonal, and archetypal psychologies. It provides foundations and techniques for doing one’s own personal inner work and for engaging with others in coaching dyads, process groups, workshops, etc., using the tools provided.

Who is this program for?

This program is perfect for anyone interested in developing a career in the healing arts via learning to coach, any coaches or therapists wishing to incorporate a soul-centered approach into their existing work, or anyone hoping to expand on their own process of personal growth while learning ways to help others do the same.

Who developed this program?

This program is developed and led by Dr. Bonnie Bright, Ph.D. in Depth Psychology and Founder/Director Emeritus of Depth Psychology Alliance, and is offered in conjunction with Depth Insights™ and the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching™. Read a biography for Dr. Bright here.

Is the program accredited?

The Program is accredited through the IACTM—The International Association of Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors and holds to high ethical standards they have established as best practices for coaches. Because the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching has met rigorous standards for coach training,  each graduate who successfully meets the requirements for the Core Certificate in Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology will automatically qualify for individual accreditation through IACTM by agreeing to the Code of Ethics and paying a reasonable annual accreditation fee.

What is the format and level of difficulty for the program?

The certificate program is an intensive program anchored in psychology and soul work. It aims to balance college-level academic learning and experiential understanding and application, both personally and professionally. It is rich and robust, so if you choose to join, you can expect to be fully engaged in the work.

Because it is an intensive program, you should be prepared to commit about 4-5 hours per week, and possibly 2-3 more once you begin your coaching practicum (though you may choose to charge a fee in later stages of your practicum as you transition into paying clients). The program is also highly mentored and customized, so if you feel you’re struggling for any reason, Institute Faculty are available for support and every reasonable effort will be made to address your specific situation or needs so you can succeed in your goals.

How much content does the core program (M1-M6) include?

The Core Certificate in Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology includes over 22 hours of original lecture, plus about 400 pages of reading assigned over the 12-month program. There are also recommended multimedia and additional optional readings if you wish to dive deeper. Each themed module is intended to be completed in two months, and each features 2-5 hours of video lecture (also available as audio and written transcripts), plus 60-80 pages of reading. The Advanced Certificate contains a  similar volume of educational content.

What if I’m interested in learning soul-centered psychology and tools, but I don’t want to do a practicum or get certified as a coach?

First, the content of the curriculum—lectures, readings, multi-media—are the same regardless of the program option you choose. In the curriculum, you will gain a foundation in each of the six module topics for the Core Certification and then immerse yourself more deeply in six additional modules for the Advanced Certificate, should you choose to continue. Each course is also designed for you to learn exercises and techniques to apply in your life or work with others. However, you may choose from three different program options, including

  • Coaching Certification: requires all assignments, three 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Institute Faculty or designated soul-centered practitioners for each module (included), and a supervised coaching practicum of a minimum of 50 hours (10 with peers and 40 with external clients).
  • Certificate in Soul-Centered Psychology: requires an essay and creative expression for each module but no coaching practicum. Exploring your own inner world via one-on-one sessions with Dr. Bright, Institute Faculty, or Certified Graduates is optional at a discounted rate (based on availability)
  • Audit: includes access to all program lectures, readings, and multi-media educational content, and to designated channels on the Slack community forum. View a detailed description/comparison of the three CORE certificate program options currently available.
When does the program start?

Since its inception, the program has been based on a “rolling start”—meaning applicants may start anytime they feel ready and move somewhat at their own pace. That is still an option. However, the Institue now  offers a formal cohort program 1-2 times per year if you prefer more structure in the program.

Therefore, you could either start out on your own and then join a newly forming cohort a few weeks or months later if you wish, or you might choose to wait until you can start out with a formal cohort on designated start dates. Either option allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule but to still benefit from a cohort-like setting that offers community and cross-pollination.

How long will it take to complete the program?

This is an intensive program which includes six different modules, each with its own theme. Each program can be completed in one year by dedicating two months to each module. These programs are designed to take you on your own journey of inner work to transform yourself and best prepare you to step into the role of Soul-Centered Coach, if that is your goal.

Therefore, introspection, self-reflection, and applying the tools and techniques you learn first and foremost to yourself are all encouraged, but structure is provided so you can move through the modules in a timely way. It is also an option to complete each program a bit faster if you choose to forge ahead on your own, or if you need more time at the end of one year, you may request an extension of up to six months.

What are my deliverables for each module, and approximately how much time will I need to invest?

Requirements differ with each type of enrollment. If you are pursuing the Coaching Certificate, you are required to complete/submit the following deliverables for each module. Depending on your pace, many students spend between 25-30 hours per module (which lasts 2 months) plus hours spent for practicum starting with Module 3), or potentially 5-6 hours per week over the course of each 2-month cycle to achieve the following:

  • average of 2-5 hours of lectures to watch each module
  • 70-80 pages of required reading, plus optional readings and multimedia to further amplify the topic
  • Receipt of three 60-minute personal coaching sessions with Institute Faculty or designated certified soul-centered coaches/graduates. These occur in Module 1, Module 2, Module 3. This provides support you as you start out with the process and content in M1 and M2, and then with the practicum in M3. You may use these sessions to work on personal issues, or to receive additional help with content, practicum supervision, or something else related to the program. You will also receive further support through monthly faculty-led meetings, as well as through coaching sessions you receive from your peers.
  • 2-5 page written essay (double-spaced) made up of both personal reflection and academic concepts. As this is an academic program, we do ask that you try to use basic APA as a writing style and for citations/references, but you can learn it as you go. As an alternative, in place of 2 of any of the 6 written essays, you may submit an informational “project” such as an interview with an expert or a peer; a spoken lecture or a course you are currently teaching or planning to teach that incorporates soul-centered psychologies and techniques; or an oral report (10-30 mins) on some aspect of the material and the work.
  • a 2-5 minute recorded exercise that offers an experience for the listener (Core Certificate—Modules 1-6 only)
  • one creative expression (art, poetry, ritual, movement work, etc. that allows you to express some feeling or aspect of the module you are working on. This allows the unconscious to have a voice!)
  • one forum post (200-300 words), plus 1 response to another post
  • 2-hour monthly study and/or practice cohort meeting (you are required to attend at least 8 of 12 monthly meetings over the course of the year). Each will be recorded in case you can’t make it live some months. If regular attendance is problematic due to work or family life, you may request an exception in writing.
  • Practicum: After four months in the Core Certificate, starting with Module 3, you will begin peer coaching (10 total hours required), before moving on to external practicum clients (additional 40  hours required). Practicum coaching for 2 hours per week over the eight months of planned practicum should easily allow you to reach the 50-hour requirement over the course of the Core Certificate. Please note that you will also need to receive at least 10 hours of coaching from peers during the peer practicum phase starting in Modules 3 so that everyone can get their 10 hours in.
         For the Advanced Certificate, another 25 hours with external clients is required over the course of that yearlong program so you can continue to apply the new material you’re learning to your coaching practice. For your Advanced Practicum, you may use existing paying clients from your practice, or choose to find/add new paying clients, though it is not requisite to charge for your practicum clients. As an Advanced practitioner, you may also choose to lead a group to earn some of the hours. A practicum log is required for validation for all practicum sessions.
  • Time invested: Most students report spending 30-35 hours per 2-month module, or 4-5 hours per week.

Certificate in Soul-Centered Psychology —You will be responsible for the reading and multimedia, the 3-5 page essay (double-spaced), and the Creative Expression (art, poetry, movement work, creative writing, etc.) plus attendance at 8 of 12 monthly cohort meetings

Audit: No requirements, but you may have access to live Q&A /study meetings for a modest fee of $25 per session, and to select channels in the online community of your peers via Slack if you choose.

Will I be able to interact with other students in the program, or is there any support for academic study?

Each Coaching Certificate participant has access to regular live meetings on Zoom, so everyone has a chance to share questions, comments, or updates about their own experience with the material, and also to hear others share. The monthly Cohort Study and/or Practice Meetings allow you to interact with others via various exercises. We also use the Slack app to share/showcase student work, post events and resources that might be beneficial, and to connect with one another around specific topics of interest. Students who enroll in the Coaching Certificate Program may choose to partner with one another in dyads or small groups to support each other as study buddies and/or peer coaching partners.

Psychology certificate students must attend 6 Cohort meetings per year, one per module.

Independent Learners may access one live meeting per module at a modest fee of $25/month.

Is there any support to help me launch my practice when the time comes?

We perceive there is much need for this work in the world, and many people are waking up to their own deep spiritual longings, so ultimately, many prospective clients will find you because they are looking for something like you offer. The program is set up to help you develop and harvest marketing materials from your assignments over the course of the program so you can be up and running with some quality content for your own website, brochure, social media posts, YouTube, etc., whenever you are ready to begin.

Occasional meetings devoted to the topic of marketing are also conducted for students. Additionally, the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching is dedicated to the success of our graduates and aims to promote and make referrals to certified graduates as it’s possible, as well as to hire faculty and staff positions from our pool of graduates.

What is the cost of the program(s), and are there payment plans available?

Yes, there are payment options available. Find  the “Training” tab on the menu above, then click the “Certificate Programs” link. Scroll down the page until you see the “Pricing and Payment” button.

What is your refund policy if I decide the program isn’t for me once I’ve started it?

Once tuition is paid and access to Module 1 is granted, applicants deciding not to continue may request and receive a refund of  80% of tuition within 14 days, or a refund of 60% will be granted within 30 days.

What is the application process?

Complete the following three items (in any order):

 1)  Submit a professional CV featuring your work experience and education. This can be in whatever level of detail you prefer, and can/should include non-related work experience.
2)   Write a 1-2 page personal essay (single-spaced) about why you want to pursue the certificate at this time. This can include where you’re coming from and/or where you envision going.
3)  Complete a formal introductory coaching session of 75-90-minutes with a member of Institute Faculty or a designated Certified Coach before your application is finalized (payment by donation in the amount of your choice (value: $150)). When you are ready to book your introductory session, please contact us using the button at the top of the web page, and we will schedule you with a Faculty member.

What happens once I have submitted/completed the three requirements for application to the program of my choice?

Following completion and/or submission of these three items, you will be notified about your acceptance, typically within 2-3 days, and provided with a formal contract. From there you would:

1)  Sign and date the contract via an online platform.

2)  Make payment according to the plan of your choice (upfront lump sum, three payments during the first six months; monthly payments for the first 12 months). Payment methods include Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, credit card, or wire transfer for international students.

How do I contact you, schedule the introductory session, or submit my application?

Use the purple “Contact” button at the top of our website.